Many patients, especially adults, are unhappy with the crooked appearance of their teeth but do not optto wear traditional braces. Not only do traditional, metal braces affect the appearance of a smile, but they can cut the mouth, require inconvenient maintenance, and obstruct customary brushing and flossing. For patients who wish to straighten their smiles without the hassle of traditional braces, Invisalign® invisible braces at Del Mar Highlands Dentistry are an excellent solution.

Invisalign® invisible braces are thin, clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth. Invisalign braces cancause teeth to shift position gradually, discreetly, and comfortably.  The first step in the Invisalign® process is a consultation with a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist, during which the patient will discuss his or her treatment goals and learn whether he or she is a good candidate for Invisalign®. If so, the dentist or orthodontist will then take an impression of the patient’s teeth, and send this mold to a specialized laboratory where a series of Invisalign® aligners will be crafted utilizing precise computer imaging. Del Mar Invisalign®Dentist has expert dentist and orthodontist that can take care of every patient’s teeth.

Patients wear each aligner for approximately two to four weeks, then move on to a scarcely different aligner after that. Each successive aligner will utilize gentle pressure to sanction teeth to shift position gradually. These aligners are engendered from thin, clear plastic and are all but invisible, unlike traditional braces. Additionally unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® aligners can be abstracted for convenient victualing, cleaning, brushing, and flossing, though they should be worn as much as possible, day and night.

Most patients consummate their Invisalign® invisible braces treatment in less than one year; some even achieve maximum results in as few as six months. While orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® invisible braces may cost more than traditional braces do, most patients find that the cosmetics of Invisalign®braces make the investment worthwhile.

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