A cavity is a hole in a tooth and a product of tooth decay, which eats out tooth enamel and damages the tooth structure. Sugar and starch combined with bacteria can result in plaque formation on the teeth, which produces acids that break down tooth enamel and results to tooth decay. There are a lot of ways one can prevent getting cavities. The main vital thing to do in preventing cavity formation is following a strict oral hygiene regimen. Brushing your teeth twice a day along with flossing and twice a year dental cleanings are important in preventing the formation of dental cavities. It is also important to limit the intake of high-sugar foods and carbonated drinks.

Holes in the teeth that are due to tooth decay can be filled by using dental filling. But, if the dental cavity isn’t treated immediately and if the damage has reached the roots of the tooth, a root canal will be done to save the tooth. After doing the root canal, a veneer or dental crown is normally placed to seal the tooth’s surface and provide support.

Although everyone, from adults to kids,is at risk of getting cavities, they tend to be more common among children who we know have poor eating habits and aren’t focused on healthy oral hygiene. As a matter of fact, tooth decay is considered as the most predominant chronic disease among children. To protect your kid’s teeth, you must ensure that they receive fluoride treatments during their biannual checkup with their dentists and have sealants placed on teeth that are more prone to a cavity.

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