Teeth Sensitivity

If you have experienced shooting pain every time you drink or eat something hot or cold or when you’re breathing in cold air, you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is an extremely common occurrence where dentists at Del Mar Highlands Dentistry can treat during your visit.

Why are my teeth extremely sensitive?

Your teeth have sensitive interior parts, and these parts are usually shielded by the gums and enamel which is outside the tooth. A sensitive tooth is normally caused by damaged enamel or receding gums.

Damaged Enamel

The enamel that covers your teeth is your body’s hardest substance is responsible for protecting all areas of your tooth above the gum line. Although it’s very tough, the enamel can also be damaged in a lot of ways. Chewing or inappropriate biting can wear it down, trauma can crack or break it, and tooth decay can weaken it.

Receding Gums

The gums can aid in protecting other parts below the gum line by creating a tight, sturdy seal where teeth and gums meet. Gums will recede due to gum disease and excessive brushing or when it’s pulled away from its normal position.

If these defenses fail, the tooth’s soft interior dentin layer is then exposed. Dentin is much softer compared to enamel, and it has tubules and pores that lead to the tooth’s sensitive nerves.

How do dentists treat sensitive teeth?

Enamel that has been damaged can be treated with a filling, a crown or bonding. If the sensitivity is due to the receding gums, your dentist may discuss specialized toothpaste that aids in filling the tubules and pores in the dentin or desensitizing the teeth. You can talk about these options with the dentist at Del Mar Highlands Dentistry in your next checkup.

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