FAQ’s on Dental Implants

Several questions are often asked about dental implants. Some, who are interested in having gorgeous teeth through dental implants, aren’t well-versed that it takes certain procedures before an implant is undertaken.

In an implant, a titanium screw is an implant itself, which replaces the natural tooth and does all the functions of the natural tooth as well. In the process, a porcelain crown is capped when the implant is tightly and permanently attached to the bone in the jaw. Once this procedure is finished, a brand new tooth just like the natural tooth that you once have will emerge vibrant and impressive to everyone’s eyes. That brand new tooth that looks and performs just like your natural tooth owes to the combination of the implant under the gum and crown above the gum line.

What if I don’t have enough strong bone to support an implant?

Enough strong bone is the first requirement if you wish to undergo an implant. But how about those people with aweak bone to support the implant, can they still qualify to have the treatment? This is not a hopeless case as the experts of Del Mar Highlands Dentistry can use a technique called bone grafting to build up the bone in your jaw.

This procedure is done by obtaining a bone from a part of your body, which is the most excellent choice for a bone graft. The parts which the bone can be extractedare most likely from the chin or in the back part of the lower jaw. If this is not possible, the bone can be obtained from the hip or shin bone, which is a better source because the hip bone is wide that it can provide an enough amount of bone to support the implant. Don’t get anxious as removing a part of the bone from the hips will not increase the risk of any hip fracture.

During the procedure, general anesthesia is administered and will require the patient to stay in a hospital. The graft is then given time to heal after which the regular implant treatment can proceed. Aside from bone grafting, another procedure to acquire enough bone is through bone augmentation. This is a treatment to rebuild the bone, which has been used successfully for many years.

How long does the process take?

It will take a three-phase process before a dental implant can be finalized. So different from that in the processing of dentures where the method is faster to acquire a whole new set of teeth, it will take 5 to 8 months to finish for an implant to be completed.

In the first appointment, the implant is attached to the jaw where a period of amonth is given to give time to form a strong and permanent bond with the bone.  On the second appointment, the dentist will give anassessment as to the strength of the bond, and when successful, prepares imitations for the crown, bridge or denture.  Usually, it is in the third appointment that one can possess the permanent restoration. In the entire phase process, one has not to worry about his teeth for no matter how many months the process takes, a temporary one is provided which will look and function like natural teeth.

If you have concerns and queries about dental implants, don’t hesitate to set an appointment with one of our Del Mar Highlands dentists. They will be happy to educate you about your specific dental needs and assess if adental implant isa right optionfor you.

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