Types of Implants

Competent dentists in the field of tooth implants are routinely faced with the need to restore a single tooth in an otherwise non-restored dentition. Common to this case are upsetting incidents and congenitally missing teeth. In these situations, dentists do the treatment through a traditional fixed partial denture, a resin bonded restoration, and a single-tooth implant.

Although each is a sustainable treatment alternative, the implant restoration is preferable as it has definite advantages. Its restoration shows the appealing result, serviceable capacity with long-term certainty that it can last a lifetime.

Ideally, the implant is the ideal treatment for a single-tooth replacement in which, based on the experiences, the best way to permanently replace a single missing tooth is with a porcelain crown attached to a dental implant.

In the process of the implant, this porcelain crown is capped to the bone in the jaw after the implant is firmly and permanently attached to the bone in the jaw as the titanium screw. The implant itself is a titanium screw that performs all the functions of the root of the natural tooth it replaces. Once the implant under the gum and crown above the gum line are combined, it produces a brand new tooth that looks and functions just like your natural tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge and regular dental bridge are similar, but implants support it and not by natural teeth. In most cases, one implant is placed in the jawbone for each missing tooth, when an implant-supported bridge is used.  Then to form one piece, the crowns are connected to each other. Implants can be used to support a bridge when two or three teeth in a row need to be replaced.

Implants offer a better solution when a traditional bridge uses the adjacent teeth to anchor the replacement teeth. A bridge can be permanently and securely attached, without any damage to the structure of the adjacent teeth by using one or more implants as anchors.

Implant-Supported Partial or Full Denture

This is a type where the denture is supported by and attached to implants. A regular denture rests on the gums and is not supported by implants. When a person does not have any teeth in the jaw, but have enough bone in the jaw and comes to seek for a dental implant, this type of implant-supported denture is the most suggested procedure for him. One may ask why implant-supported dentures are usually made for the lower jaw. The reason is due to the tendency of regular dentures to be less stable in that area. On the other hand, since a regular denture made to fit an upper jaw is quite stable on its own, it does not need the extra support offered by implants.

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