Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of a certain drug to calm and relax a patient before administering a dental appointment. The drugs are called sedatives, which exert their action by weakening the central nervous system, targeting the area concerned with conscious awareness.

There are different degrees of central nervous system recession, such as:

Minimal Sedation

This is exceptional for patients who are afraid of thedentist for it is safe and provides anxiety-free dental experience. This only works to calm anxiety throughout the dental visit. Because this process involves consuming apillonly and no needles involved to fear and feel pain, this type of sedation is acceptable and popular.

Moderate Sedation

This is also called Conscious Sedation where the patient feels no pain and anxiety making him or her relaxed and calm.The advantage of this is that the patient is awake and able to follow directions and maintain the ability to respond to any given verbal direction either alone or accompanied by light tangible stimulation.

Deep Sedation

The medicine used in this type of sedation will keep the patient to relax and become sleepy. In this procedure, the patient needs help to breathe. The medicine is given as a pill, shot, inhaled solution, or injection through an IV. This is an induced state of sedation that reduces consciousness of the patient. In this process, the patient is unable to continuously and independently maintain a patent airway and may not exhibit any sign of consciousness thus unresponsive to stimulation.

There are two general methods that may be obtained in sedation done through the use of drugs:

Enteral Route – absorbs the medication through the enteric membranes that line the alimentary canal from the oral cavity, through the digestive tract, ending in the rectum. This route includes medications that are taken by mouth andabsorbed through the mucosa of the oral cavity. Another option is inserting the drug rectally.

Parenteral Route – involves the administration of sedative drugs by absorption through the enteric membranes. These methods are done through intravenous, inhalation, intramuscular, and submucosal administration, among others.

There are lots of benefits sedation dentistry can offer to both the dentist and the patient. Thus it has become popular. For most, it is only through sedation dentistry that one can be able to improve dental health without experiencing anxiety.  At Del Mar Highlands Dentistry, these are all to be experienced:

  • Patient relaxation
  • Increased comfort
  • Movement control
  • Patient co-operation
  • Control of gag reflex
  • Little or no memory of treatment
  • Time saving – fewer appointments needed

Sedation dentistry is wonderful for people who fear the presence of dentists, but it’s not just for them.  It’s a great option for anyone who wants their next dental visit to be a comfortable and pleasant experience.  Patients choose sedation for a number of reasons.  If any of the following sounds like you or someone you know, call Del Mar Highlands Dentistry and find out what options are available.

  • Afraid of the dentist
  • Can’t stand the sights, sound and smells of a dental office
  • Too scared to even call to make an appointment
  • Avoided going to the dentist for so long that that tried not to think about it
  • Painful to chew
  • Afraid to even smile because unhappiness felt with the teeth
  • Don’t like needles
  • Need a lot of work, thus don’t have time to set a dental appointment
  • Had bad experiences with a dentist in the past
  • Teeth are very sensitive
  • Have trouble getting numb, even after the dentist has given the proper medication
  • Have trouble sitting still in a dental chair
  • Have a strong gag reflex, and can’t stand having anything in my mouth
  • Can’t find a trustworthy dentist
  • Embarrassed by fear of the dentist

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