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Regular dental care for kids is critical for setting a great foundation of good oral hygiene and a healthy smile for a lifetime. At Del Mar Highlands pediatric dentistry, we give dental care to the whole family, including babies, kids, and teenagers. Dr. Jessy Sidhu is knowledgeable enough about giving dental care to babies and kids and endeavors to make these extraordinary patients feel great during their examinations and medicines.

Dental Examination 

Your child ought to have his or her first dental appointment after the first tooth shows up and before his or her first birthday. While kids do lose their baby teeth, or primary teeth, these teeth are instrumental in helping kids talk and bite and chew appropriately. Furthermore, these primary teeth make way for their permanent adult teeth to take after when they erupt. Dental registration and check-ups are additionally vital chances to make a good foundation for progressing oral hygiene and allow guardians to pose any questions they have around a child’s oral health.

Your youngster’s first dental visit will incorporate scaling and cleaning, polishing, fluoride treatment, a soft tissue examination, brushing and flossing guidelines and instructions, a formative examination, and nutritional counseling for keeping up great and good oral health.

Sealants, Fluoride, and Mouth Guards

In addition, general and regular examinations and cleanings, Dr. Jessy Sidhu , a Del Mar dentist may prescribe further services to secure and protect your child’s oral health. Different services provided in our Del Mar Highlands Dentistry office includes sealants, fluoride, and mouth guards.

Sealants are clear or white flowable resin material intended to stream into and seal the profound sections on the highest point of a child’s teeth to avoid intrusion by bacteria into these difficult to clean areas. They are cheap, effortless, and simple to put without shots or anesthesia. Sealants are demonstrated to decrease holes in kids and young people by up to 70%. Meet with Dr. Jessy Sidhu to discuss the advantages of applying sealants to your teeth.

Fluoride medications and treatments are also very important to prevent tooth decay for both kids and grown-ups and are part of a regular dental examination and cleaning.

Mouth guards, “night guards,” or athletic guards, might be prescribed for kids that always pound their teeth around evening time, grip their jaws, or are dynamic in games. Mouth guards can shield the teeth from excessive and tear and can counteract extreme dental injury for children that are profoundly dynamic or athletic.

Restorative Care

At Del Mar Highlands Dentistry, we give remedial dental services to children in addition with preventive care. Children can endure cavities, broken teeth, or twisted teeth simply like adults. Our Del Mar Highlands pediatric dentistry and the team are prepared to give restorative care to meet the particular needs of kids.

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